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“My neck is pain free and my hair still looks great!''

All my problems are solved with this great pillow. If you commute, get it. If you travel, buy it.” - Tania

Why it's special

  • The only travel pillow that fully supports your head for maximum comfort (16,172+ happy customers)
  • No neck pain, strains or soreness. Wake up refreshed after a long flight and reduce jet lag.
  • Relieves strain on your spine and muscles so you can stay relaxed and at ease on longer journeys.
  • The cozy shoulder rest sits well, while your head rests in a more natural position. So you sleep deeper, longer, without your head bobbing up and down.

  • Super light and easy to carry, pack or wrap around your bag strap.
  • Stylish and not bulky. Designed to look like a scarf - just wrap it around your neck and adjust for the best fit.
  • Scientifically proven better than a U-shaped pillow.
  • Machine washable super soft, hypoallergenic fabric.

The science of sleep

The secret of our Travel Pillow is our internal support system hidden in our super soft fleece.

1. Reinforced ribs provide scientifically proven head and neck support

2. Super soft polar fleece and foam is stretched to create a comforting hammock effect

3. Patented design fits any shape of neck, jaw and shoulder. All this ensures that you can sleep as comfortably as possible on the road.

The pillow is scientifically proven to keep the head and neck in a better ergonomic position than a traditional travel pillow.

Walk, Wrap and Nap - it's that easy

1 Undo the Velcro fastener and pull out your cushion

2 Place the internal support comfortably against your neck (to your left, to your right or under your chin)

3 Walk, wrap and nap

You can even skip all of these steps and place your pillow between your neck and chair for support while you read, watch a movie, or daydream out the window.

Easy to carry. Machine washable.

Do your baggage allowance a favor. With increasingly strict carry-on restrictions when traveling, our pillow is perfect at less than half the size and weight of a classic travel pillow.

Unlike regular U-shaped pillows made from memory foam, pillows are conveniently machine washable and quick-drying, so you can keep them fresh for your next adventure.

Just remove the internal support and put the cloth in the washing machine.


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